16 Aug 2020 10:01:13
We at least getting a record fee for Chilwell ed2?

{Ed002's Note - The question is where next - Kostas Tsimikas (LB) has gone to Liverpool. Kia wants Arsenal to sell Kieran Tierney (LB) and replace him with one of his players. Sam McCallum (LB) opted to be cover for Jamal Lewis in January - could either be tempted. Max Clark (LB) is HG and would be a smart choice. Nicolas Tagliafico (LWB) potential Ben Chilwell replacement - but will likely not be attracted to the club with interest from elsewhere.}

1.) 16 Aug 2020
16 Aug 2020 12:46:28
Yes I have heard the Max Clarke links and he could be good choice for us. Jamal Lewis wouldn’t be bad but haven’t seen anything on him so who knows maybe mccallum. Are we okay with Chilly leaving Ed or are we in abit of a panic now he is off?

{Ed002's Note - I don't know I am afraid. LCFC certainly knew there were clubs interested in him and would have been making provisions.}

2.) 16 Aug 2020
16 Aug 2020 12:55:14
No worries Ed I think you are right we managed it with soyuncu replacing Maguire so we will have a list. Cheers Ed2.

3.) 22 Aug 2020
22 Aug 2020 23:43:46
Which one of these would we like to get the most?

{Ed002's Note - Tagliafico if he would be open to it.}

4.) 23 Aug 2020
23 Aug 2020 00:01:47
Grand. Cheers Ed.